Friday, October 17, 2008

It's a GIRL!!!

So, we found out last's a girl! We are so excited, we can hardley stand it. All of our sisters are very excited also. I've already bought her two new dresses and some cute pink onesies! I can't believe I'm going to have a's amazing! We haven't decided on any names yet, but here are a few we like. Let us know what you think. Audrey, Dylan, and Carlyn. Jason's dad's name is Carl, so she would be named after her grandpa. Her middle name will probabley be Faye, named after my mom. I'm realy liking Carlyn and Dylan, then Audrey. So, we'll see. I am feeling much better these days...although I've been told not to get too used to it, the third trimester will bring many uncomfortable days. I may change my mind later, but I say nothing can be worse than being nauseous and throwing up ALL day. So, bring it on! We have started picking out stuff for her room, and I am getting very curious to know what she will look like. For those of you who don't know, Jason is half black, half Italian. I'm white as white can be, and my whole family has blue eyes! So, there are many options in our gene pool! I wonder if she will look anything like I picture her to be...only more beautiful, I'm sure. So, any advice from those mom's of little girls???
She has huge feet! Right now, they are 3cm long, and she's only 17! That's almost a quarter of her whole body!

These 3-D pictures are amazing! Everyone says by her features, she will look like Jason! We'll have to see!

3 white lines means it's a girl!!!

20 weeks...halfway there!