Friday, July 16, 2010

Independence Day!

July 4th was great! Jason was working, so Carlyn and I decided to go up to prescott for the weekend with my sister, mom and dad! It was so much fun. On the fourth, we went to the Prescott square and let Carlyn play in the grass and just run around. We also did a little bit of shopping! Carlyn got a turtle backpack and thought she was in love! The weather was beautiful, and Carlyn loved to feel the wind in her hair...she would put her arms out and say "Wheee" I loved the innocence! My aunt that lives there rescued some baby cottontail bunnies. They were only 15 days old and adorable! Carlyn loved them! Later in the afternoon, we went on a walk on a trail by the lake. It was beautiful! At night, we went and watched fireworks. She was amazed, she just stared, started clapping, look at me and said "I Like Lights"! I loved it...the best part was getting to watch her experience something new!
Ladies and Gentlemen....Miss America!
With Papa and Granny
Family picture....minus Jason
This is when she started getting tired...and needed a nap REAL bad!
This was five minutes later!
Always has to give kisses, she's SO sweet!
Look Mommy!
This is when she said " I like the lights!"

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